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Mixer loaded trial run of what should be paid attention Feb 24, 2016

Is a mixer equipped with a specific shape and relative rotation of the rotor, the adjustable temperature and pressure of the confined space of polymer materials for plastic mixing and mixing machinery, mainly by mixing chamber, rotor and rotor seal and dosing feeding device, unloading equipment, gear and motor components.

1. the mixer when the load test run, the speed taken from low speed to high speed

2. the mixer when the load test run, cast resin content by volume 50%,75% gradually increased to full capacity.

3. Mixer with while air 10-15min before they can release the load test run.

4. when the load test run of mixer rotor end face seal should not leak at plastic, no leakage.

5. when the load test run of mixer rotor unloading doors should seal well, no leakage.

Mixer load when commissioning note that 5 is a good job, not only increase efficiency and improve quality.